The Love Period Podcast – Episode 010 Show Notes- Jeremy Mahugh

The Love Period Podcast – Episode 010

On this episode of The Love Period Podcast join Jacob Burson as we talk with co-founder and Senior Vice President of DeliverFund, Jeremy Mahugh. Jeremy’s story of growing up in Montana, joining the Navy SEALs and becoming a sniper, to coming home and starting an excavation business, getting involved in politics, and co-founding Deliver Fund is truly inspiring. His deep commitment to mission and duty carried over phenomenally to DeliverFund’s mission. The work at DeliverFund performed by former intelligence operators from the CIA, NSA, FBI, Delta Force and Navy SEALs to stomp the world of human and sex trafficking is unbelievable. They are truly the tip of the spear leading this charge.

Jeremy’s personal story is great for so many reasons, but how he used his journey through life as a stepping stone for “what’s next” is a GREAT lesson for all of us and a great way to approach each opportunity and challenge. It was a risk to step into this line of work, it was different than anything he had done before, but it was step Jeremy had to take.. And we’re glad he did.

Check out his story on Episode 10 of The Love Period Podcast.


Show Length– 75 Minutes

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