The Love Period Podcast – Episode 006 Show Notes – Kit Cummings

The Love Period Podcast – Episode 006 On this episode of The Love Period Podcast, we talked with author, speaker, and founder of the Power of Peace Project, Kit Cummings. Kit and his team at the Power of Peace Project are specialists in turning “Rivals into Role models.” With their program they can diffuse conflict before it happens and can even bring peace and reconciliation to already existing struggle. They have expanded to become a student development program, they provide anti-bullying campaigns in alternative high schools; a media company; corporate motivational programs; along with empowerment activities and organizational conflict resolution programming in wounded communities. Kit’s personal story of restoration and redemption and his stepping into one of Georgia’s most violent prisons and playing a huge role into moving it to the top of the list as one of those peaceful prison’s in a matter of 12 months is truly inspiring.  He was VERY easy to speak with and you can hear in his voice how excited he is about his work and the mission of the Power of Peace Project.  You must hear this story of the rise, the fall, and the restoration of Kit Cummings as only Kit can tell it. Show Length– 64 Minutes Kit Cummings and POPP Links:

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