The Love Period Podcast – Episode 005 – Show Notes

The Love Period Podcast – Episode 005

Show Notes: On this episode of The Love Period Podcast join our host, Jacob Burson, as we talk with the founder and President of Sunrise Ministries, Kimberly Mcdevitt.  Kimberly and her team at Sunrise Ministries work tirelessly to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the broken.  To offer a path of hope for those exploited in sex trafficking and freedom from the trap of life’s addictions caused by a past of severe suffering.  The episode is a very gritty look into a dark world and the light Kimberly is to so many in that space is truly remarkable.  Hearing her stories about stepping out in faith into the unknown and the risks taken is truly inspiring.  Join us and listen to Episode 005 of The Love Period Podcast.

Show Length– 56:00 

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