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Thin Places by Haley Minesinger

“We’re back on U.S. soil from a 12-day trip to Liberia, and while my bed feels heavenly and I appreciate smelling decent again, I already miss my Liberian family that we left behind. These people, these children, really have become just that: family. And when you start to think of people as family, and not…

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Trip 24- Day 1

We’re back! Here we are, Trip 24, and we couldn’t be more excited about hitting the long dirt roads to see the beautiful children of Liberia. Our first day started with a quick stop at a day care center right down the road from our hotel. Our objectives were to assess the needs and to…

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Back To Liberia: Trip 24

TRIP 24 Saddle up, it’s time to head back to Liberia! We’re looking forward to starting our 24th journey across the Atlantic to serve the children of Liberia, West Africa this Saturday. We simply would like to ask you to keep our Team in your thoughts and prayers as we hope to stay in the…

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